Funwaver is a young distributor of high quality and affordable compatible fiber optic solutions of the global leading brand Funwaver, so also your company can stay connected!

We don’t have a web shop on purpose. We want to be in close contact with you as our customer to help you with all of your needs. Just send us what you need via our “Request Quote” button and we will get back to you soon.

Our registered trademark Funwaver is wholly owned by 72Connected. We deliver globally! With over 20 years of experience in IT hardware, we provide compatible optical transceivers for over 100 vendors with lifetime warranty and 100% compatibility guarantee next to a whole range of other equipment.

All our products are manufactured using the highest quality components and strictly adhere to network equipment manufacturer specifications. Our customers benefit from risk free purchasing with our fully tested & uniquely serialized products.

In addition to the quality and reliability that our customers demand, our compatible solutions offer considerable savings when compared to OEM pricing.